David Mahlobo was born on the 14th of January 1972, on Bergplaas farm, KwaNdalaza Royal Residence in Piet Retief district, Transvaal now Mpumalanga.

As a young man he experienced the brutality of apartheid when his family was attacked and forcibly removed by the regime. He had to abandon schooling and with the rest of his siblings fled to Swaziland and stayed with relatives.

In 1983 he returned and re-started schooling in Belgrade until he completed matric in 1991. The forceful removal triggered the anger to submit or fight. He was influenced by his parents and grandparents to fight for the restoration of the land that was forcefully taken by the regime.

He started to be involved in student politics and the uprisings at Bambisanani High School that led to police harassment. He participated in the mobilisation of the farming community and recruiting them to join the ANC when it was unbanned. He worked tirelessly within the structures of the ANC around Piet Retief and Pongola establishing ANC structures.    

Mr Mahlobo studied at the University of Zululand where he obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree and later an Honours Degree in Biochemistry. He continued his political involvement in the ANC, ANCYL and SASCO where he was elected and served at the University of Zululand Student Representative Council as Secretary General for two terms and as a Faculty Representative for Science. He served as a member of the University of Zululand Council for more than 10 yeas and as Chairperson of the Audit Committee for two terms.

He played an important role in the ANC and election work in KwaZulu Natal North Coast Region now Musa Dladla Region. He was instrumental in the establishment and recognition of NEHAWU at the university and on broader transformation.

He worked at the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry as a Water Scientist and later as Head of the Transformation Unit.

During the 4th Administration he was appointed as the Head of the Department for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs in Mpumalanga until his appointment as Member of Parliament in May 2014. He has been assigned various responsibilities in government. 

He has led NEHAWU, ANC, ANCYL and the ANC in KwaZulu Natal, Gauteng and Mpumalanga and occupied various positions. In 2012 he was elected to the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the ANC where he serves on the Peace and Stability Sub-committee.In 2015 he was elected to the National Working Committee (NWC) of the ANC. He also serves on the Organisation Building and Campaigns and the National Task Team of the ANCYL. He is one of the NEC members who were sent by the ANC to China for Political Education.